Contact Information

Astronomy Department
96 Foss Hill Drive
Van Vleck Observatory 101
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT 06459

(860) 685-3669 (office)
(860) 685-2131 (fax)

Seth Redfield

Professor of Astronomy
Astronomy Department
Wesleyan University

Ph.D. Astrophysics, University of Colorado, 2003
B.M. Theoretical Studies, New England Conservatory of Music, 1998
B.S., Physics and Astrophysics, Tufts University, 1998

Exoplanets and their Atmospheres: Understanding Distant Worlds
The Local Interstellar Medium: The Gas and Dust Amongst the Stars
Edge-on Debris Disks: Fortuitously Aligned Young Stars
Cool Star Atmospheres: The Dynamic Surfaces of Stars

Quick Links:

The LIC Model Column Density Calculator, an online tool to predict the HI column density associated with the LIC in any direction (Redfield & Linsky 2000).

The LISM Kinematic Calculator, an online tool to predict the radial and transverse velocities of LISM clouds in any direction. Also calculates which clouds are traversed by any given line of sight (Redfield & Linsky 2008).