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A. Refereed Journal Articles:

A63. Variation in the pre-transit Balmer line signal around the hot Jupiter            HD 189733b
        Cauley, P.W., Redfield, S., Jensen, A.G., & Barman, T.
        2016, AJ, 152, 20

A62. The MUSCLES Treasury Survey III: X-ray to Infrared Spectra of 11 M            and K Stars Hosting Planets
        Loyd, P.R.O., France, K., Youngblood, A., Schneider, C., Brown, A.,            Hu, R., Linsky, J., Froning, C.S., Redfield, S., Rugheimer, S., &            Tian, F.
        2016, ApJ, 824, 102

A61. The MUSCLES Treasury Survey II: Intrinsic Lyman Alpha and Extreme            Ultraviolet Spectra of K and M Dwarfs with Exoplanets
        Youngblood, A., France, K., Loyd, P.R.O., Linsky, J.L., Redfield, S.,            Schneider, P.C., Wood, B.E., Brown, A., Froning, C., Miguel, Y.,            Rugheimer, S., & Walkowicz, L.
        2016, ApJ, 824, 101

A60. Full-lifetime simulations of multiple unequal-mass planets across all            phases of stellar evolution
        Veras, D., Mustill, A.J., Gänsicke, B.T., Redfield, S., Georgakarakos,            N., Bowler, A.B., & Lloyd, M.J.S.
        2016, MNRAS, 458, 3942

A59. The MUSCLES Treasury Survey. I. Motivation and Overview
        France, K., Loyd, P.R.O., Youngblood, A., Brown, A., Schneider, P.C.,            Hawley, S.L., Froning, C.S., Linsky, J.L., Roberge, A., Buccino, A.P.,            Davenport, J.R.A., Fontenla, J.M., Kaltenegger, L., Kowalski, A.F.,            Mauas, P.J.D., Miguel, Y., Redfield, S., Rugheimer, S., Tian, F.,            Vieytes, M.C., Walkowicz, L.M., & Weisenburger, K.L.
        2016, ApJ, 820, 89

A58. A spectro-polarimetric study of the planet-hosting G dwarf,                     HD 147513
        Hussain, G.A.J., Alvarado-Gómez, J.D., Grunhut, J., Donati, J.-F.,            Alecian, E., Oksala, M., Morin, J., Fares, R., Jardine, M., Drake,           J.J., Cohen, O., Matt, S., Petit, P., Redfield, S., & Walter, F.M
        2016, A&A, 585, 77

A57. Evaluating the Morphology of the Local Interstellar Medium: Using            New Data to Distinguish Between Multiple Discrete Clouds and a            Continuous Medium
        Redfield, S., & Linsky, J.L.
        2015, ApJ, 812, 125

A56. Activity and Magnetic Field Structure of the Sun-Like Planet Hosting            Star HD 1237
        Alvarado-Gómez, J.D., Hussain, G.A.J., Grunhut, J., Fares, R.,            Donati, J.-F., Alecian, E., Kochukhov, O., Oksala, M., Morin, J.,           Redfield, S., Cohen, O., Drake, J.J., Jardine, M., Matt, S., Petit, P.,           & Walter, F.M.
        2015, A&A, 582, 38

A55. Optical Hydrogen Absorption Consistent with a Bow Shock Leading            the Hot Jupiter HD 189733b
        Cauley, P.W., Redfield, S., Jensen, A.G., Barman, T., Endl, M., &            Cochran, W.D.
        2015, ApJ, 810, 13

A54. The Interstellar Medium in the Kepler Search Volume
        Johnson, M.C., Redfield, S., & Jensen, A.G.
        2015, ApJ, 807, 162

A53. Optimal measures for characterizing water-rich super-Earths
        Madhusudhan, N., & Redfield, S.
        2015, IJAsB, 14, 177

A52. The local ISM in three dimensions: kinematics, morphology and            physical properties
        Linsky, J.L., & Redfield, S.
        2014, Ap&SS, 354, 29

A51. The Structure of the Local Interstellar Medium. VI. New Mg II, Fe II,            and Mn II Observations toward Stars within 100 pc
        Malamut, C., Redfield, S., Linsky, J.L., Wood, B.E., & Ayres, T.R.
        2014, ApJ, 787, 75

A50. Evidence for a Weak Wind from the Young Sun
        Wood, B.E., Müller, H.-R., Redfield, S., & Edelman, E.
        2014, ApJL, 781, L33

A49. A New Detection of LYα Absorption from the Heliotail
        Wood, B.E., Izmodenov, V.V., Alexashov, D.B., Redfield, S., &           Edelman, E.
        2014, ApJ, 780, 108

A48. Probing Our Heliospheric History. I. High-resolution Observations of           Na I and Ca II along the Solar Historical Trajectory
        Wyman, K., & Redfield, S.
        2013, ApJ, 773, 96

A47. CARMA CO(J=2-1) Observations of the Circumstellar Envelope of           Betelgeuse
        O'Gorman, E., Harper, G.M., Brown, J.M., Brown, A., Redfield, S.,           Richter, M.J., & Requena-Torres, M.A.
        2012, AJ, 144, 36

A46. The origin of hot white dwarf circumstellar features
        Dickinson, N.J., Barstow, M.A., Welsh, B.Y., Burleigh, M., Farihi, J.,           Redfield, S., & Unglaub, K.
        2012, MNRAS, 423, 1397

A45. A Detection of Hα in an Exoplanetary Exosphere
        Jensen, A.G., Redfield, S., Endl, M., Cochran, W.D., Koesterke, L., &           Barman, T.S.
        2012, ApJ, 751, 86

A44. Planet-Induced Emission Enhancements in HD 179949: Results from           McDonald Observations
        Gurdemir, L., Redfield, S., & Cuntz, M.
        2012, PASA, 29, 141

A43. Probing potassium in the atmosphere of HD 80606b with tunable           filter transit spectrophotometry from the Gran Telescopio Canarias
        Colón, K.D., Ford, E.B., Redfield, S., Fortney, J.J., Shabram, M.,           Deeg, H.J., & Mahadevan, S.
        2012, MNRAS, 419, 2233

A42. A Survey of Alkali Line Absorption in Exoplanetary Atmospheres
        Jensen, A.G., Redfield, S., Endl, M., Cochran, W.D., Koesterke, L., &           Barman, T.S.
        2011, ApJ, 743, 203

A41. Properties of Turbulence in the Very Local Interstellar Clouds
        Spangler, S.R., Savage, A.H., & Redfield, S.
        2011, ApJ, 742, 30

A40. The Interstellar Medium Surrounding the Sun
        Frisch, P.C., Redfield, S., & Slavin, J.D.
        2011, ARAA, 49, 237

A39. Observational tests of the properties of turbulence in the Very Local           Interstellar Medium
        Spangler, S.R., Savage, A.H., & Redfield, S.
        2010, Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 17, 785

A38. Rocky Planetesimals as the Origin of Metals in DZ Stars
        Farihi, J., Barstow, M.A., Redfield, S., Dufour, P., & Hambly, N.C.
        2010, MNRAS, 404, 2123

A37. Gas Absorption in the KH 15D System: Further Evidence for Dust           Settling in the Circumbinary Disk
        Lawler, S.M., Herbst, W., Redfield, S., Hamilton, C.M., Johns-Krull,           C.M., Winn, J.N., Johnson, J.A., & Mundt, R.
        2010, ApJ, 711, 1297

A36. Improved Neutron-Capture Element Abundances in Planetary Nebulae
        Sterling, N.C., Dinerstein, H.L., Hwang, S., Redfield, S., Aguilar, A.,           Witthoeft, M.C., Esteves, D., Kilcoyne, A.L.D., Bautista, M.,           Phaneuf, R., Bilodeau, R.C., Ballance, C.P., McLaughlin, B., &           Norrington, P. H.
        2009, PASA, 26, 339

A35. The Galactic Environment of the Sun: Interstellar Material Inside and           Outside of the Heliosphere
        Frisch, P.C., Bzowski, M., Grün, E., Izmodenov, V., Krüger, H., Linsky,           J.L., McComas, D.J., Möbius, E., Redfield, S., Schwadron, N.,           Shelton, R., Slavin, J.D., & Wood, B.E.
        2009, Space Science Reviews, 146, 235

A34. Physical Properties of the Local Interstellar Medium
        Redfield, S.
        2009, Space Science Reviews, 143, 323

A33. The Spin-Orbit Alignment of the HD17156 Transiting Eccentric           Planetary System
        Cochran, W.D., Redfield, S., Endl, M., & Cochran, A.L.
        2008, ApJ, 683, L59

A32. The Structure of the Local Interstellar Medium V: Electron Volume           Densities
        Redfield, S., & Falcon, R.E.
        2008, ApJ, 683, 207

A31. The Origin of Radio Scintillation In the Local Interstellar Medium
        Linsky, J.L., Rickett, B.J., & Redfield, S.
        2008, ApJ, 675, 413

A30. Sodium Absorption From the Exoplanetary Atmosphere of HD189733b           Detected In the Optical Transmission Spectrum
        Redfield, S., Endl, M. Cochran, W.D., & Koesterke, L.
        2008, ApJL, 673, L87

A29. The Structure of the Local Interstellar Medium IV: Dynamics,           Morphology, Physical Properties, and Implications of Cloud-Cloud           Interactions
        Redfield, S., & Linsky, J.L.
        2008, ApJ, 673, 283

A28. A Low-Mass H2 Component to the AU Microscopii Circumstellar           Disk
        France, K., Roberge, A., Lupu, R.E., Redfield, S., & Feldman, P.D.
        2007, ApJ, 668, 1174

A27. Spitzer Limits On Dust Emission and Optical Gas Absorption           Variability Around Nearby Stars with Edge-On Disk Characteristics
        Redfield, S., Kessler-Silacci, J.E., & Cieza, L.A.
        2007, ApJ, 661, 944

A26. A Dusty Disk Around WD1150-153: Explaining the Metals in White           Dwarfs by Accretion From the Interstellar Medium Versus Debris           Disks
        Kilic, M., & Redfield, S.
        2007, ApJ, 660, 641

A25. Gas Phase Absorption by the Edge-on Debris Disk Surrounding           HD32297
        Redfield, S.
        2007, ApJL, 656, L97

A24. Fundamental Parameters and Abundances of Metal-Poor Stars: The           SDSS Standard BD +17 4708
        Ramírez, I., Allende Prieto, C., Redfield, S., & Lambert, D.L.
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A23. What is the Total Deuterium Abundance in the Local Galactic Disk?
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A22. The Remarkable Far-Ultraviolet Spectrum of FK Comae Berenices:           King of Spin
        Ayres, T.R., Harper, G.M., Brown, A., Korhonen, H., Ilyin, I.V.,           Redfield, S., & Wood, B.E.
        2006, ApJ, 644, 464

A21. New Mass Loss Measurements from Astrospheric Lyα Absorption
        Wood, B.E., Müller, H.-R., Zank, G.P., Linsky, J.L., & Redfield, S.
        2005, ApJL, 628, L143

A20. Stellar Lyα Emission Lines in the Hubble Space Telescope Archive:           Intrinsic Line Fluxes and Absorption from the Heliosphere and           Astrospheres
        Wood, B.E., Redfield, S., Linsky, J.L., Müller, H.-R., & Zank, G.P.
        2005, ApJS, 149, 118

A19. Rapid Dissipation of Primordial Gas from the AU Microscopii Debris           Disk
        Roberge, A., Weinberger, A.J., Redfield, S., & Feldman, P.D.
        2005, ApJL, 626, L105

A18. The FUSE Spectrum of the Planetary Nebula SwSt 1: Evidence for           Inhomogeneities in the Gas and Dust
        Sterling, N.C., Dinerstein, H.L., Bowers, C.W., & Redfield, S.
        2005, ApJ, 625, 368

A17. A Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Survey of Luminous Cool Stars
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A16. The Structure of the Local Interstellar Medium. III. Temperature &           Turbulence
        Redfield, S., & Linsky, J.L.
        2004, ApJ, 613, 1004

A15. The Structure of the Local Interstellar Medium. II. Observations of           D I, C II, N I, O I, Al II, and Si II toward Stars within 100 Parsecs
        Redfield, S., & Linsky, J.L.
        2004, ApJ, 602, 776

A14. A FUSE Survey of Coronal Forbidden Lines in Late-Type Stars
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A13. STIS Survey of Far-Ultraviolet Coronal Forbidden Lines in Late-Type           Stars
        Ayres, T.R., Brown, A., Harper, G.M., Osten, R.A., Linsky, J.L., Wood,           B.E., & Redfield, S.
        2003, ApJ, 583, 963

A12. Elemental Abundances and Ionization States within the Local           Interstellar Cloud Derived from HST and FUSE Observations of the           Capella Line of Sight
        Wood, B.E., Redfield, S., Linsky, J.L., & Sahu, M.S.
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A11. A Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of Late-Type Dwarf           Stars
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        Simon, T., Ayres, T.R., Redfield, S., & Linsky, J.L.
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A9. The Structure of the Local Interstellar Medium. I. High-Resolution         Observations of Fe II, Mg II, and Ca II toward Stars within 100         Parsecs
      Redfield, S., & Linsky, J.L.
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A8. George Antheil's Second Sonata: The Airplane
      Redfield, S.
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      Redfield, S., & Linsky, J.L.
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      Redfield, S., & Linsky, J.L.
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A3. The Three-dimensional Structure of the Warm Local Interstellar         Medium. I. Methodology
      Linsky, J.L., Redfield, S., Wood, B.E., & Piskunov, N.
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A2. First VLA Observations of Nonthermal Metric Bursts Associated with         Coronal Mass Ejections Detected by the SoHO
      Willson, R.F., Redfield, S..}, Lang, K.R., Thompson, B.J., & St. Cyr,         O.C.
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A1. Doppler Acoustic Diagnostics of Subsurface Solar Magnetic Structure
      Lindsey, C., Braun, D.C., Jefferies, S.M., Woodard, M.F., Fan, Y., Gu,         Y., & Redfield, S.
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B. Invited Commentary:

B2. Gathering Interstellar Gas
      Redfield, S.
      2012, Science, 336, 1243

B1. Extrasolar planets: Fluorescent methane spotted
      Redfield, S.
      2010, Nature, 463, 617

C. Editor:

C1. Frank N. Bash Symposium 2005: New Horizons in Astronomy, ASP Conf.         Ser. 352,
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D. Reports and White Papers:

D5. From Protoplanetary Disks to Extrasolar Planets: Understanding the         Life Cycle of Circumstellar Gas with Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
      France, K., Beasley, M., Ardila, D.R., Bergin, E.A., Brown, A., Burgh,         E.B., Calvet, N., Chiang, E., Cook, T.A., D´esert, J.-M., Ebbets, D.,         Froning, C.S., Green, J.C., Hillenbrand, L.A., Johns-Krull, C.M.,         Koskinen, T.T., Linsky, J.L., Redfield, S., Roberge, A., Schindhelm,         E.R., Scowen, P.A., Stapelfeldt, K.R., & Tumlinson, J.
      2012, Science Objectives and Requirements for the Next NASA         UV/Visible Astrophysics Mission Concepts, Request for Information

D4. Beyond JWST: The Next Steps in UV-Optical-NIR Space Astronomy
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      2009, Workshop Summary Report for National Academy of Sciences         Astrophysics Survey Committee

D3. Plasma Physics Processes of the Interstellar Medium
      Splanger, S., Haverkorn, M., Intrator, T., Kulsrud, R., Lazarian, A.,         Redfield, S., & Zweibel, E.
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D2. Employment and Funding in Astronomy
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D1. Final Report of the Committee on Access to Large Telescopes for         Astronomical Instruction and Research (ALTAIR)
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