Contact Information

Astronomy Department
96 Foss Hill Drive
Van Vleck Observatory 101
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT 06459

(860) 685-3669 (office)
(860) 685-2131 (fax)

Research Group

Ilaria Carleo, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2018-present

Hunter Vannier, B.A., 2020 (now Ph.D. student at Purdue U.)
   Mapping the Local Interstellar Medium: Using Hubble to Look Back at
   the ISM Along the Sun's Historical Trajectory
(High Honors)

Fallon Konow, B.A., 2020 (now Ph.D. student at Georgia State U.)
   Constructing a Survey of the Local Interstellar Medium Using Hubble
(High Honors)

Katharine Hesse, M.A., 2020
   Removing Contaminating Field Stars Around Bright K2 Targets

Cassidy Soloff, B.A., 2022

Emma Goulet, KNAC REU, summer 2020

Terra Ganey, B.A., 2021

Mason Tea, B.A., 2021

Selena Fengbeiling Wang, B.A., 2020

Julia Gyourko, B.A., 2020

Ismael Mireles, M.A., 2019 (now Research Associate for TESS at MIT)
   Searching for Exoplanets Around the Brightest Stars in K2

Michael Henderson, B.A., 2019 (now Ph.D. student at Clemson U.)
   High Precision Photometry of Faint White Dwarf Stars from K2 Data

Allison Quintana, B.A., 2019 (now in graduate program in Biostatistics at Brown U.)

Wilson Cauley, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2014-2017 (now a postdoctoral researcher at U. of Colorado)

Prajwal Niraula, M.A., 2018 (now a Ph.D. student at MIT)
   Planet Hunting and Characterization with K2

Alexis Braunrot, B.A., 2018 (now at Columbia U. in Pre-med Program)

Stephanie Bachman, KNAC REU, summer 2017 (now in the Peace Corp)

Julia Zachary, B.A., 2017 (now Mission Planner for Chandra X-ray Observatory)
   Measuring the Local ISM Along the Sight Lines of the Two Voyager
   Spacecraft with HST/STIS
(High Honors)

Julian Dann, B.A., 2017 (now Research Technician at Los Alamos National Laboratory)
   Our Stellar Neighborhood: Analysis of the Local Interstellar Medium
    using Absorption Spectroscopy
(High Honors)

Girish Duvvuri, B.A., 2017 (now Ph.D. student at U. of Colorado)
   Necroplanetology: Disrupted Planetary Material Transiting WD1145+017

Kristen Luchsinger, M.A., 2017 (now Ph.D. student at New Mexico State U.)
   Blue Skies Through a Blue Sky: An Attempt To Detect Rayleigh
   Scattering in the Atmospheres of Extrasolar Planets Using a Ground-
   Based Telescope

Abigail Shneyder, B.A., 2017

Carolyn Morris, KNAC REU, summer 2016

Jennifer Kahn, summer 2016

Rebekah Kahn, summer 2016

Max Lee, B.A., 2016

Julia Lighter, B.A., 2016

Jesse Tarnas, B.A., 2016 (now Ph.D. student at Brown University)
   Transit, Secondary Eclipse, and Phase Curve Analysis to Characterize
   Kepler Exoplanets

Dilovan Serindag, B.A., 2015 (now Ph.D. student at Leiden Observatory)
   Analyzing Kepler Exoplanets from their Optical Phase Curves
   (High Honors)

Coady Johnson, B.A., 2015 (now a chef)

Eric Edelman, M.A./B.A., 2014 (now Planetarium Director at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
   Tracing the Evolution and Impact of the Stellar Winds of Solar-like Stars

Adam Jensen, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2010-2013 (now Associate Professor at University of Nebraska Kearney)

Raquel Martinez, M.A., 2013 (now Ph.D. student at U. of Texas)
   Searching for Spectral Signatures of the Hidden Secondary Component
   of BM Ori: Improved Spectroscopic Findings

Craig Malamut, M.A./B.A., 2013 (now an animator in NYC)
   Mapping the Local Interstellar Medium with High-Resolution UV
   Absorption Spectroscopy

Benjamin Tweed, B.A., 2013 (now in NYC)

Mark Popinchalk, B.A., 2013 (now a Ph.D. student at CUNY)

Estella Barbosa de Souza, KNAC REU, summer 2013 (now physics Ph.D. student at Yale University)

Jakob Schaeffer, M.A., 2012 (now Accelerator Operator at Fermilab)
   Guiding Light in the Shadow of Distant Worlds: An Autoguider for the
   0.6m Perkin Research Telescope

Michael Fusco, KNAC REU, summer 2012 (now Ph.D. student at U.Arkansas)

Katy Wyman, M.A., 2011 (now software engineer in Seattle)
   Probing Our Heliospheric History: Constructing a Density Profile of the
   ISM in the Sun's Rearview Mirror

Marshall Johnson, B.A., 2011 (now Staff Scientist at Las Cumbres Observatory)
   The Shadows of Distant Worlds: Exoplanetary Transit Timing Using the
   Perkin Telescope
(High Honors)

Erin Arai, M.A., 2010 (now Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering)
   Effective Temperature Variations of a Transiting Exoplanet Host Star

Katie Boyce-Jacino, B.A., 2010 (now faculty at ASU)

Emily Leiner, B.A., 2010 (now NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at CIERA/Northwestern)
   Other Worlds: Analyzing the Light Curves of Transiting Extrasolar
(High Honors)

Ross Falcon, U. Texas/B.S., 2008 (now Astrophysicist at Sandia Nat'l Lab.)

Ryland Brooks, McDonald Obs. REU, summer 2006 (now at GO!Northwest)